Collection: Sud Pacifique

Birth of COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE thanks to the imagination of a couple, audacious, in love with freedom, vastness and travels, guided guided par their curiosity and passion for the beauty of raw materials ...

From personnal travel experiences, they discover unuasual species, precious and often rare. From these far away countries or from the bend of a road, they brought back to Paris many species of flowers, natural resins or even fruits and, depending on their mood, imagination and set up a collection of fragrances not even imagined at the time, with enchanting names : the "Eaux de voyage".

Rapidly, COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE enjoys success for the great happiness of some passionates …Shaking out the rules of the classic cosmetic, the brand proudly shows this turquoise color as well as the famous metal silver bottle of perfume, recognizable amount all! A touch of madness and freshness blows then on perfumes!

Over the years, the collections of perfumes gets richer. More than 30 fragrances are added to this amazing family to compose COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE.