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This is our second time around having Norma Kamali in our store. We carried Normal Kamali in our store in the 80’s and now she’s made a big comeback, we carried her bathing suits and bell bottom pants! And I can say she designs some pretty fabulous clothing. Its only fitting to note that she attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and graduated in 1964. Five years later she opened up a store 1969 with the help of her husband, Mohammed Kamali. With the influence of the 60’s fashion and overseas dress, Norma incorporated her eclectic designs to create her iconic pieces. She is known for designing the iconic red one-piece bathing suit Farrah Fawcett wore in the Charlie’s Angel Poster. Norma is also famously known for the puffer jacket in which she got the design idea from a sleeping bag she slept in the night after her divorce. Norma’s creativity has been widely recognized and has since received multiple awards such as a CFDA award, The Council of Fashion Designers of America Award, and many more.

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