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Agave Demin founded in 2002 in Santa Monica, California has made its way up the totem pole. Every piece of denim is handcrafted in California with the finest products. Jeffery T. Shafer is the creator of this company and had grown it substantially. Agave denim is extremely comfortable and casual which is why people are drawn to it. Not only is their denim comfortable but also their shirts are extremely soft, usually made of 100% cotton. They have been a huge seller in the store because they are all made of Their goal is to make their customers inspired by their style and quality of their pieces. The designers of Agave say, “Agave was created by Jeffery T. Shafer and is represented by friends, artisans and passionate people who stand for courage, compassion, conservation integrity and full self expression through style and design. The Agave style is defined by one’s inner confidence and the ability to enjoy the simple beauty of life.”

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